BFG Banger

After years of work between Cream T Pickups and Billy F Gibbons the BFG Bangers were born. If you want a pickup that has been tweaked to perfection by a legendary guitarist and boutique pickup winder look no further.

We are renowned for working closely with artists to achieve the tone they desire and Billy F Gibbons has now used the BFG Bangers on stage for the last 10 years!

The BFG Bangers are slightly hotter than the pickups Billy F Gibbons has in his 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul

  • Humbucker Pickups
  • Boxed in a luxury display case
  • The result of a close relationship between Billy F Gibbons & Cream T
  • Neck Output approx: 7.3k*
  • Bridge Output approx: 8.9k*


$299.00 USD
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Available In Traditional and Relish formats


100% exacting electronic reproduction of Billy's 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul

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