Guitar-X Pickup Swapping Back Plates

Guitar-X Pickup Swapping Back Plates - Formerly know as Relish

Buy the parts needed to convert your humbucker into Guitar-X Swappable pickup yourself.

These back plates can be fitted on most traditionally-made humbuckers with 4 screws on the back of the pickup, or 2 screws for humbucker-sized P90s. For any special builds please get in touch first to confirm compatibility.

 Available as: Single (1 Mount), Set (2 Mounts) or Set x3 (6 Mounts)

Please be aware that the installation process includes the removal of baseplate legs and shortening of the pickup wire. Any pickup with centralised pole pieces e.g. humbucker-sized P90s may require pole pieces to be shortened. 

Guitar-X Pickup Instructions can be found here

Pickup and Installation not included 


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Available In Traditional and Relish formats


100% exacting electronic reproduction of Billy's 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul

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