Cream T Custom Shop Teams Up With Newman Guitars

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with NEWMAN GUITARS from the USA to build “Newmans by Cream T” here in the UK for 2024.

From the 5 string Newman designed with Keith Richards back in the 1970s, 6 string models played by the likes of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan and then right up to date with the Billy F Gibbons’ orange and blue Newman Honeycomb Juniors used on ZZ Tops recent European tour - we will be making them all.

Jeff Smith, CEO of NEWMAN Guitars says “Together we can do what has never been done before. Many things we’ve learned from the artists have not been commercially available or applied on a consistent basis…until now.  We’ve both been learning from artists who’ve taught us to stretch for new tones. So, it makes sense to work together and apply what we’ve learned for the benefit of the player and the guitar family.”

The venture is designed to make more NEWMAN Guitars available on a consistent basis for those tone seekers on the hunt.  Tim Lobley, CEO of Cream T Custom Shop says “I’m so excited about this partnership - it takes us in so many directions:  some we know and some we have yet to discover.  It will allow more access for the players and more options with beauty, consistency and design of a NEWMAN by Cream T  Guitar.”

Our first model will be a 5 String Standard and will be shipping in early 2024.

Photo credit to Adrian Hextail Photography.
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