Custom Guitar Pickups designed by you and Built in the UK by us

Through the custom shop at Cream T Custom Shop, we can work directly with you to create one-of-a-kind guitar pickups exclusively for your guitars. We'll tap into our decades of experience winding pickups in our custom shop, helping you explore different pickup types, windings, wire gauges, and magnets.

Once we've landed on the perfect custom pickup design, we will build each pickup specifically for you. WE ALSO OFFER EXTRA DISCOUNTS FOR BUILDERS AND REPAIR SHOPS.

Alternatively, If you just need quality off-the-shelf pickups we have an extensive range of production models available too that have won industry awards and acclaim from guitarists worldwide such as Billy F Gibbons, Bernie Marsden, and Jeff Beck. 

Contact us today to discuss your custom pickup design requirements and explore how we can collaborate to create the perfect pickups for your guitars.

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