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Spot Humbuckers with Guitar-X Pickup Swapping Mounts

Spot Humbuckers with Guitar-X Pickup Swapping Mounts

Cream T Spot Humbuckers with Guitar-X Pickup Swapping System - Formerly known as Relish

We were lucky enough to get access to a very special guitar. The 59 'Les Paul known around the world as 'Spot' and previously owned by Joe Bonamassa. We had the opportunity to use our analog spectrum recorder to scan both pickups and the result is the closest possible 'clone' of the pickups in this incredible guitar;

Pair of Humbucker pickups
Neck Output: 8.2K*
Bridge Output: 8.7K*

Guitar-X Pickup Swapping System - This system allows you to hot swap a variety of pickups from Cream T or alternatively you can fit the mount to any humbucker sized pickup, from any manufacturer. Of course, if you already own a Relish Guitar all of our Guitar-X mounted pickups will slot straight in.

Pickups will be mounted in standard Guitar-X housing, with legs removed and wires cut short. If you do not wish for the legs to be cut, please e-mail us and let us know.
Wires must be cut to accommodate housing, however this can be reversed and wire can be extended at a later date. New baseplates can also be attached if legs have been removed.

Please allow for up to 5 days for pickups to be dispatched.


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