Gibson Kirk Hammett 'Greenybucker' Pickup Set with Guitar-X Pickup Swapping Mounts

Gibson Kirk Hammett ‘Greenybucker’ Humbucker Set with Guitar-X Pickup Swapping System - Formerly know as Relish

These are the recently release set of Gibson 'Greenybucker' Pickups, mounted in standard Guitar-X housing, with legs removed and wires cut short. 

Please allow for up to 10 days for pickups to be dispatched.


Gibson say-

The Gibson Patent Applied For humbucker™ pickups from the 1950s are considered by many musicians to be the “holy grail” of vintage electric guitar pickups. Among them, the unique set that was installed in the legendary “Greeny” Les Paul™ are some of the most famous.

The new Greenybucker set is instantly recognizable from a sonic perspective; their distinctive sound is partially from the out-of-phase middle switch position due to the neck pickup’s reverse magnetic polarity. The Greenybucker pickup set was developed with input from Greeny’s current owner, Kirk Hammett, and with specifications taken from the actual Patent Applied For humbucker pickups on that world-renowned guitar, including asymmetrical coil windings and unpolished Alnico 2 magnets.

  • DCR: Neck (8.3k) Bridge (8.7k)
  • Magnet: Alnico
  • Wiring: 2 Conductor
  • Covers: Nickel
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Available In Traditional and Relish formats


100% exacting electronic reproduction of Billy's 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul

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