The Newman 5 String now available to order

The Cream T Custom Shop partnered with Newman Guitars to revive their iconic guitar model with a modern production version. This collaborative project not only allowed us to recreate the classic 1980 design but also marked our first-ever development of a unique 5-string pickup specifically for this reissued model that paid homage to Newman's renowned 1980 blueprint.

"Ted made the five-string because I'd gotten into this tuning, which is basically, you tune to an open G chord and use five strings. Two of them are tuned in unison, so actually you had just three notes. Two fingers and an arsehole, and then you've got it. But it's an incredibly interesting tuning. Been used in folk music, originally, I think, from the banjo. But guys would tune it on guitar, basically for blues and slide playing. I found more reasons the more I got into it. Rather than just using it as a flat mode of where to find minor chords, you find incredible resonations and ringing notes and drone notes that start to happen. Music-it's all to do with vibrations of strings, and what vibrates the other string. And therein lies the fascination, you see-at least to me." KEITH RICHARDS

“After years of playing in open G on a six-string guitar with the low string removed, finally, the electric five-string is here. Start Me Up!” Dave Burrluck, Guitarist Magazine.

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